Shahnaz Husain Thermoherb facial Products


Products required Shacleanse , Shalife, Sharose, Shaclove, Shatreat.

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  • Cleanse the face with shacleanse.
  • Massage with shalife for 10 min
  • Remove the excess cream from the face except around eyes
  • Apply Thermoherb mask( shatreat)
  • As mask warms up pores open and cream penetrates in the skin . It also has a deep cleansing effect
  • Remove the mask gently. Wipe off the excess cream. Attend to blackheads and white heads if any
  • Give cold compression with sharose 3-5 min
  • Apply shaclove all over the face and leave it for 10 min. It has a germicidal effect and soothes sooner
  • Apply shabase protective cream mixed with Shamoist
  • Pl note
  • Thermoherb and mini face lift are same. They have to be mixed in water.