Shahnaz Husain Thermoherb facial Procedure

Ageing starts as the maturity is reached .In early thirties small expression lines become a permanent feature.

Thetmoherb mask is based on an ancient thermal mask. A complete treatment in itself, it deep cleanses the pores, restores skin balance , nourishes skin and tightens the tissues . Improves cell renewal and respiration.

The Thermoherb mask also contains extracts of rose,basil,mint,. The heat generated by mask increases blood circulation. As mask cools down it hardens and tightens the pores and tissues sculpting the jawline,improving muscle tone and elasticity and minimizing wrinkles .it is rejuvenating  salon treatment like an instant face lift.




Products required Shacleanse , Shalife, Sharose, Shaclove, Shatreat.


  • Cleanse the face with shacleanse.
  • Massage with shalife for 10 min
  • Remove the excess cream from the face except around eyes
  • Apply Thermoherb mask( shatreat)
  • As mask warms up pores open and cream penetrates in the skin . It also has a deep cleansing effect
  • Remove the mask gently. Wipe off the excess cream. Attend to blackheads and white heads if any
  • Give cold compression with sharose 3-5 min
  • Apply shaclove all over the face and leave it for 10 min. It has a germicidal effect and soothes sooner
  • Apply shabase protective cream mixed with Shamoist
  • Pl note
  • Thermoherb and mini face lift are same. They have to be mixed in water.