Shahnaz Husain Stem Cell Wrinkle End Skin Tightening And Glow Facial


The skin is massaged with stem cell cream  in a way it enhances absorption into deeper layers of skin . Specialized masks are used and shatreat face lift is  given. Ironing out lines and wrinkles and making skin more firm and youthful. Lastly apply stem cell mask. Wipe off and cover with a covering cream and few drops of serum.

NO side effects unlike other more invasive anti ageing treatments like BOTOX and microdemabresion , they do not cause any uncomfortable side effects like burning or redness.



SHAHNAZ HUSAIN is a name that has become synonymous with the most advanced Ayurvedic care not only in the terms of highly exclusive clinical treatment but also the legendary range of natural products Stem cell cream and serum contains precious plant stem cells of edelweiss flower along with plant oil and extracts

Stem cell is a shield against skin ageing.The procedure is designed to preserve the youth fool qualities of skin making it brighter smoother and more translucent.