Shahnaz Husain Pearl Facial Procedure

On the base of Ayurveda, the pearl facial uses products which contains powder of pearls Research has revealed that pearls influence the transfer of melanin to the skin surface ,filtering the sun rays.pearls also contain powerful elements like amino acids ,minerals and proteins which strengthen the skin and improves moisture retention ability giving the healthy skin and even color tone.



Products Required:

Pearl cream, Pearl mask, Shascrub Plus, Shasmooth Plus,  Shacleanse Plus, Sharose Plus, Shaweeds Plus, Shabase Plus, Shamoist Plus / Shataj Plus


  1. Cleanse the face with Shacleanse Plus for normal to oily skins and Sharose Plus for normal and combination skins. Apply Shascrub Plus and rub gently with circular movements .Wash off.
  2. Apply Shasmooth Plus around the  eyes and massage for 5 min. Then apply Pearl cream and massage for 15 min. Wipe off the cream.
  3. Extract the blackheads and give high frequency ozone if required . Give cold compression with Sharose Plus.
  4. Apply Pearl mask on face and neck. Apply Shaweeds Plus mask around the eyes when dry wash off.
  5. Apply protective covering with Shabase Plus + Shamoist Plus (Normal to Dry Skin) / Shataj Plus (Oily Skin).