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The oxygen facial provides instant revitalization  using the most powerful level of natural energy.

OXYGEN plus skin cream is designed to breathe new life into the skin . It helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin.Oxygen also inhibits bacteria and prevents skin problems. OXYGEN mask  has pure plant ingredients and wheat germ oil  stored in tiny blue milli capsules …delivers amazing beauty  benefìts.

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Cleanse the face with shacleanse.After wipin g apply vegeble exfoliating scrub and rub when dry and wash off . Extract black heads.Apply 0xygen plus cream and massage for 20 min and shasmooth massage for eyes give ozone all over the face.Give cold compression

  • Apply oxygen cream mask and after10 min give dermasonic .Wipe off and apply shabase + Shamoist.Product’s
    • Vegetable peel powder
    • OXYGEN cream
    • Shabase + Shamoist